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Associate Professor Dr. Ismail bin Mohd Saaid holds a distinguished position in the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS in Malaysia. His expertise lies in reservoir fluids study, reservoir conformance control, and petroleum chemistry for oilfield scale mitigation. Dr. Saaid’s academic background includes a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in zeolite catalysis, a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology focusing on electrochemistry, and a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. His extensive research portfolio encompasses various areas, such as thermochemical techniques for enhancing oil recovery, light oil air injection for Malaysian reservoir development, and the development of permeability modifiers to improve oil recovery. Noteworthy research interests also include gas-lift for foam flooding, green inhibitors for mitigating silicate scales, and fluid diversion polymers to enhance sweep efficiency in heterogeneous reservoirs. Dr. Saaid has received accolades for his groundbreaking work, notably the Gold Award at the MTE 2022 International Innovation Awards, Silver Award at the ITEX’22 Invention Showcase, Silver Award at the MTE 2020 Invention and Innovation Awards, Gold Award at the InTEX 2019 Research Product Showcase, and a Silver Award at the ITEX 2017 Invention for his research on “Smart Permeability Modifier”.