Student Project

ENCON23 Student Project Competition

ENCON23 has another exclusive event that welcomes the enthusiastic students and that is the Student project competition. The student project competition aims to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration among students interested in energy-related fields. The competition will revolve around two themes:
  • Innovations in Renewable Energy Integration.
  • Innovative Ideas for Achieving Energy Efficiency.

This dual focus will allow participants to explore and present their ideas in these crucial areas.

Competition Format:

Team Formation: The competition will be open to undergraduate and graduate students who can form teams of up to four members. Interdisciplinary teams will be encouraged to promote diverse perspectives and holistic solutions.

Submission: Each team will be required to submit a proposal in power point format of maximum of five slides here:

The proposals should detail their innovative solution, including technical feasibility, economic viability, and potential impact. Deadline: 27th November 2023.

Selection Process: Shortlisted teams will be notified by 30 November 2023, and have to present their ideas in the final round on the last day of the conference. Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Benefits to the Student Competition:

a. Attract Young Talent: The competition will attract talented students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere during the conference.

b. Foster Innovation: By encouraging participants to develop novel solutions, the competition will contribute to the advancement of renewable energy integration and energy efficiency and spark new ideas within the industry.

Total Prize Money:
BDT 200,000/-

Final Rounds of Student Project

Location: Room 1104 & 1106, 11th floor, BUET ECE building, West Palashi, Dhaka-1000.

1st Round:

Time: 14th December (Start: 9:30 am)


Selected participants from initial screening will present their project ideas in person. Each team will be given 15 minutes for their presentation. The presentation should primarily focus on the operation principles, methodology and design aspects of respective projects. The presentation will be followed by brief Q&A with the judges. Top 5 projects will move to the next round.

2nd round:

Time 15th December, Start: (9:00am)


During the final presentation, leading participants will present their solution’s technical design, methodology as well as the real-world implementation and challenges, and address marketing and financial aspects, providing a comprehensive view that goes beyond technical details. This presentation is also limited to 15 minutes duration. Followed by Q&A. The top teams will be ranked based on overall performance.

Prize pool distribution

1st prize: 100000/-

2nd prize: 50000/-

3rd prize: 30000/-

4th and 5th: 10000/-

Time and room allotment for participating teams in the first round.

Morning Session (9:00 am to 12:00 pm) Afternoon session (1:00pm to 4 pm)
Room 1104 Room 1106 Room 1104 Room 1106
Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name
ACE NoboEnergy Team Dementors Team TrashFlare
Avengers Ordinary Anomalous Team EcoSpark Team-H2O
BIOSPARK Poddo Pukur Team Hetero Genius TERAWATT
Dull_Boys RecoveryX Team Mechaminds The Inquisitive Minds
Here for the Experience RippleFactors Team Schrodinger’s Cats WaveSol Harmony
MicDrop SolarClave Team Torongo Wind of change

Last date of proposal submission
27th November 2023